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Sewart Supply is the world’s largest stocking distributor of parts and assemblies for heavy-duty marine applications, serving nearly any level of need for commercial marine parts and components for an array of large vessels. This means that we maintain an unmatched in-house inventory of marine parts, equipment, and assemblies at our warehouses, which operate around the clock to provide marine parts for immediate shipment worldwide to get our customers the parts they need as quickly as possible.

Unmatched Inventory of

Marine Parts

As the world’s largest distributor of Twin Disc and HamiltonJet waterjet propulsion systems, Sewart Supply is your source for parts, equipment, components, and assemblies from these manufacturers, as well as those from Hilliard, Verhaar Omega, Hitachi Nico, and many others.

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Minimize Your Downtime

For our customers in the commercial, industrial, and military heavy marine industries, every day a vessel is not on the water costs money—often a significant amount of money. At Sewart Supply, we recognize that our customers need the fastest turnaround times to avoid this costly downtime as much as possible. All of our parts are available for immediate shipment, and we will use whatever means necessary to get our customers’ their marine parts as soon as possible, even if that means buying a plane ticket for the next available flight.