Exchange Program

Marine Parts Exchange Program

Sewart Supply is well known in the worldwide heavy marine industry for being the most reliable source for marine parts with the fastest turnaround times available. However, we don’t stop there when providing value to our customers. We also offer our parts exchange program, which enables our customers to get back on the water more quickly and less expensively than ever before. We provide our exchange program customers with rebuilt assemblies immediately while only charging for the costs of the repair.

Exchange Your Assemblies

At Sewart Supply, our exchange program applies to units and assemblies from our major manufacturers, including Twin Disc, Verhaar Omega, HamiltonJet, Hilliard, Hitachi Nico and others. These assemblies include transmissions, gear boxes, power take-off units, waterjets, thrusters, and many others.

Product Lines


Control Your Costs

We deal with marine equipment and assemblies which are very expensive, and when these components fail, the resulting downtime can be even more expensive for our customers. Sewart Supply helps lower both of these costs with our exchange program. Instead of paying for a new or remanufactured assembly, customers pay only for the cost of their needed repair while receiving a replacement rebuilt assembly immediately to minimize downtime. This makes Sewart Supply your ideal partner for fast, cost-effective solutions to your biggest maritime challenges.