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Torque Converter


More Efficient Operation, More Accurate Control

Let Twin Disc torque converters help your engines operate in the most efficient speed range, producing rated horsepower regardless of load demand. By transmitting torque through fluid mass in motion, Twin Disc converters eliminate mechanical connections and reduce or eliminate the need for shifting, clutching and declutching.

Twin Disc custom solutions draw on extensive applications expertise and a wide array of single-stage stationary and rotating converters, three-stage converters, and numerous types, sizes, capacities, and input/output combinations:

  • Sumpless Single-Stage Converters with PTO Drives
  • Single-Stage-Rotating Housing
  • “Stripped” Units for OEM In-line Design
  • Twin Disc Single-Stage Torque Converter Renewal Parts Kits
  • Industrial Single-Stage Torque Converters – Stationary Housing
  • Type Four Hydraulic Torque Converters
  • Three-Stage Hydraulic Torque Converters
  • Model F Units
  • Model CF Units
  • Model CO and FO Units
  • Input and Output Combinations – 3-Stage Converters